Worried your house will blow away when the next hurricane hits Houston?  New Generation Builders offers homes made of shipping containers, like those you find at the Port of Houston.  Company President Steve Sawyer says they're basically hurricane-proof when they're tied down.  And, they’re just like your current home.

“Full kitchens, full bathrooms with showers, central heat and air, queen beds and spray-foam insulation,” Sawyer says.  “They're super energy-efficient.”

The 45-foot container, fixed up, costs 57-thousand dollars.  The 20-foot container costs 37-thousand.  Both will withstand direct winds of 150 miles an hour, even if they’re not tied down.

“They tell me that it's impossible to calculate what the wind load would be because it simply will not move,” he says.  “I had an architect tell me that it's not going to move in a tornado.”

Poll: Would you live in a home made out of a shipping container?