If it seems like Texas Governor Rick Perry is all over your television set these days, it’s because he is.

The Texas Governor has been everywhere, talking about the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. In fact, you could say he’s doing more talking about the immigration issue than any other Republican that has been mentioned as a possible candidate for President in 2016.

And the result could very well be that Perry will erase his nightmarish run for the White House in 2012 to become the favorite for the GOP nomination in 2016.

“Mr. Perry, if he is a wise man, and I think he’s pretty smart, can ride this issue into the primaries because it is a blazing issue,” analyst Pat Buchanan said on ‘The McLaughlin Group.’ “It has gone national now.”

Even liberal analysts like Mort Zuckerman on the McLaughlin Group say that the Governor looks very presidential on the issue.

“Rick Perry [looks presidential],” Zuckerman said. “He’s very shrewd and very capable. He’s not to be underestimated.”

And Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says the border crisis could make the image of his failed 2012 run go away completely.

“He can use this to erase things that were problematic for him in 2012,” Rottinghaus told KTRH News.

Rottinghaus says considering how this issue has gone national, and how public Perry has been on the crisis, he Perry has a good chance to make gains for 2016 where he failed in 2012.

“This gives him the opportunity to talk about a national issue which he can use as leverage towards his experience with Texas,” Rottinghaus explained.