A Facebook page calling on the Texans to bench Matt Schaub was well on its way to 16,000 "likes" Tuesday afternoon.

Creator Aaron Bruce says its time coach Gary Kubiak does what's right for the team.

“Kubiak was saying he was going to reevaluate all the positions, so hopefully he reevaluates Matt Schaub,” Bruce tells KTRH News.

“He's been in the league 10 years, it seems like he's making rookie mistakes,” says Bruce.  “Or maybe the play calls, the defense can read them too easily, or read Schaub too easily, we need to give somebody else a chance.”

Sports Talk 790's Adam Clanton argues the team is known to take it's time making major decisions, going back to it's inception.

“If you're looking for them to bench Matt Schaub, its probably going to take him throwing another pick six for three more consecutive weeks, plus murdering all of Gary Kubiak's immediate and extended family,” Clanton says tongue-in-cheek.

“You might be setting them back as far putting in a guy who is inexperienced,” he says.  “But if the guy who has the experience is playing the way Matt Schaub is, you almost have to argue you can't get any worse.”

Ultimately, Clanton says the coach and QB are too closely tied together, and both would have to go to make a real difference.

The Texans bring a three-game losing streak into Sunday's home game against the Rams.