As Washington tries to figure out how to get a handle on the illegal immigration crisis, it looks like claims by President Obama that he wants the ‘best and the brightest’ when it comes to people trying to move here legally may not actually be true.

In fact, we're seeing more people trying to follow the hoops being made to wait for years to get their status resolved. Katrina Pierson of the Tea Party Leadership Fund says illegals seem to have an easier time of coming here, and staying here.

“It’s another example of how backwards this Administration is,” Pierson said.

And she’s seen the hypocrisy of the situation herself.

“Everyone I’ve talked to trying to come here legally, or who did come here legally, had to go through all these kinds of hoops to prove they were not going to be a burden on taxpayers,” she explained.

And that's just one reason why Tea Party backed politicians like Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and Texas’ Ted Cruz want you to call lawmakers and tell them to vote against the President's border request of nearly $4B for the crisis at the border.

“The purpose of this call is to get people focused on the issue,” Pierson explained. “This is a call for people all over the country to lay hard on their members. Ultimately it is their job to hold their lawmakers accountable for what happens in Washington.”