By now you’ve heard about ‘Cheryl.’ She’s the woman from North Dakota who has taken it upon herself to be her neighborhood’s dietician.

She recently called a radio station in her town and told the hosts that instead of candy, she would be sending letters home to the parents of kids she feels are overweight.

“It’s irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy,” Cheryl said.

Well, the story has gone national. And many of you here in Houston aren’t happy with this woman.

Shannon Rich is a Houston mother whose son is bigger than other kids his age. She's not happy with the Grinch that stole Halloween.

“It doesn’t mean we’re going to let them sit down and eat the whole bag of candy,” Rich told our television partner, Local 2.

Dietician Deborah Woehler told KTRH thinks the woman is just a bit off base.

“I’m not sure how she determines who is overweight in a costume. It’s random selection,” Woehler said.

Woehler said Cheryl didn’t have to take this drastic step.

“There are alternatives she could offer the children if she wants to participate,” Woehler stated.

Child therapist Ed Reitman told KTRH she could do more harm than good.

“They already feel badly about themselves, and this woman is going to make them feel worse,” Reitman said.

Reitman said Cheryl should worry about herself.

“The woman is taking something into her hands that she has no business dealing with,” Reitman explained.

And Rich just couldn’t contain her anger, saying that “it’s ridiculous for her to lower these kids’ morale than it already might be.”