Australian researchers claim more Sun will protect you from some cancers by as much as 50%. But a doctor in Houston says that's an irresponsible claim.

Dr. Deborah MacFarlane is a skin cancer surgeon at UT Health and the MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

"Encouraging Sun exposure to get vitamin D is not responsible and that's the stance of the American Academy."

Dr. MacFarlane says staying out of the Sun isn't just a warning for the fair skinned, either.

"I think everybody regardless of skin type needs to be cautious with the Sun. We certainly see skin cancers across the spectrum of skin colors."

Despite this new research Dr. MacFarlane says nothing has changed.

"It's absolutely too soon for us to even talk about there being a 50% decrease in the incidence of such cancers."

Dr. MacFarlane says the best advice is to avoid the Sun, especially for children.