He goes by the name Commander Chris Davis, a militia leader who leads his team on patrols along the Texas-Mexico border.  Davis was one of the militia leaders who put out a call to action about a month ago, urging fellow militia organizations from around the country to take up arms and defend their nation along the porous border.  So far, things have been relatively quiet.

"We really haven’t had that many interactions with people crossing the border,” Davis tells KTRH News.

The militia groups are understandably maintaining a low profile.  There are reports of ten militia groups at the border, with names like Winter Soldiers and Bowie Volunteers Militia. 

Davis says of those they have encountered, none of the would-be immigrants have challenged them.

“Most people decide they’re going to back across…or stay away from us basically.  They recognize that we are not the border patrol and that they can’t turn themselves in to us and get taken care of by the Obama Administration,” Davis says.

Davis says the Border Patrol agents they have encountered have all been welcoming, and says they are being prohibited from doing their job, which the agents find frustrating.