We know a majority of conservatives are churchgoers, but a new poll shows more Americans, especially women and blacks believe in the anti-Christ.

The YouGov survey about exorcism showed a whopping 72-percent of blacks and 61-percent of women believe in the devil.

Whether its the current political or economic climate, Dave Welch at the Houston Area Pastor Council says more Americans have reinforced their belief in the Bible.

“Fifty-seven percent of Americans believing in the devil is somewhat encouraging because previous polling shows lower numbers than in previous years,” Welch tells KTRH News.

“When we're asking do you believe in the devil as a spiritual being,” he says.  “Those people presume there is a spiritual war going on between God and Satan, and that plays out people's lives we see everyday, and it's encouraging that we can see beyond the temporal.”

Welch believes the work of Lucifer is all around us.  “From genocides to the Holocaust, to small things on a personal order,” he says.

While eight out of ten Christians fear the devil, only 25-percent of Muslims and 17-percent of Jews do.