We all went through it as kids in school. We all had tough teachers. We respected those teachers. In many ways we feared those teachers. But that was then. And times, well, they have changed.

The respect factor is gone. The fear factor is gone

A new Harris poll says only 31% of kids actually respect their teachers today. That’s down from 79%. Etiquette expert Colleen Rickenbacker isn't surprised at all.

“It’s been going down. My brother was a teacher and retired after 35 years. He saw it coming,” she said. “The parents have to do a lot of that social development before these kids get to school. That’s not being taken care of.”

And what's worse only 49% of parents respect teachers according to the poll. That number is down from 91%. So what's happening?

“The teachers can’t discipline they way they used to. You can’t reprimand. You can’t discipline,” Rickenbacker explained to KTRH. “It’s a whole different world than it was. The kids know how to play the game and they play it well.”

And Rickenbacher says not only do the parents know it, but the kids know it, too. So teachers like Mr. Hand from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ don't strike fear in kids the way he used to.