The Aggies probably won't need him to beat Rice, but Johnny Football is suspended for the first half of Saturday's game. However, it's not connected to his alleged signing of autographs for money.

College football expert Jim Gumm says the Aggies shouldn't play Johnny Manziel at all until he's cleared in the autograph scandal.

"I think the guy got paid to sign. I can't imagine anyone being that big a humanitarian that they would sign 4,400 items for nothing."

Gumm says if Manziel is caught taking money for autographs Texas A&M will lose every game in which he played. But the suspension Saturday is for what’s called a 'secondary violation.'

"That's the thing, Ohio State, you look at what happened to them last year. They were 12-0 but they didn't go to a bowl game; they were on probation for a similar thing."

Some Ohio State players were caught trading autographs for tattoos a couple of years ago. The OSU program was then banned from playing in the post season.

An unconfirmed report claims the NCAA does not believe Manziel took money.