It's called ransomware -- and believe us, you don't want it. The Cryptolocker virus gets on your computer and encrypts your data -- demanding a ransom of hundreds of dollars to release it. So far, antivirus experts say the only solution is to pay the ransom or wipe your drive.

McAfee security expert Robert Siciliano says all consumers can do is avoid infection in the first place.

"Have the latest antivirus, antispyware and a firewall. Have the latest version of your operating system -- of course at this point Windows XP is as outdated as it gets, so you want to upgrade to a minimum of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or even have a Mac."

Siciliano says make multiple backups -- on an external drive and in the cloud with something like Carbonite or Mozy -- so you can recover after wiping your drive.

"This way, if you have multiple backups, if they do have access to your data locally or encrypted data locally then at least you have other versions of it that you can access at another time."