There are many people that think the advances we’ve seen in modern technology is a good thing. They say it will ultimately help us down the road. But there are some who think all this technology is going too far.

There are some people, admitted conspiracy theorists that say technology like microchips will one day be required by banks and even governments. They say you won't have the option to say no. Rice University's Chris Bronk doesn't see it like that.

“If we know anything about tech, it’s that we want it when it comes, and that if we don’t want it they fail,” Bronk told KTRH.

“We still don’t have a National ID card in the United States, so I don’t really buy off on that,” Bronk said about the notion that micro chip implants will be forced into our bodies.

But some have concerns. Houston area Congressman Steve Stockman, who isn't running for re-election, told KTRH he's taking steps to make sure the technology doesn't invade your privacy, by introducing a bill to regulate biometrics.

“They can put your fingerprints or DNA on the internet. For the person that’s being victimized, that’s a crime,” Stockman said.

But like Bronk, Stockman says he doesn't think it will get to the point where you'll be required to have RFID chips placed inside of you.

“I don’t see that as a big concern,” Stockman stated.