Insects are invading Houston restaurants and they're actually supposed to be on the menu.

At Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar in Montrose, chef Rishi Singh is cooking up something unique.

"It's a goshushon, which has a Korean barbecue sauce as the base, and on top of that just a tiny amount of cheese and cilantro," Singh said. "What I really wanted to sing is the worms."

That's right, the pizza is topped with silk worms. There are other pizzas with crickets - also known as chapulines.

"I don't think that we should treat these sorts of items as novelty here," said Singh. "I think they should be considered like serious cooking ingredients and that's something definitely I've been trying to focus upon." 

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Singh is one of a handful of chefs in the Houston area using insects as a featured ingredient in some dishes. Free Press Houston food critic Dutch Small has watched the trend grow.

"The bugs are delicious for one thing," Small said. "I have to tell you, it's not really a novelty thing. It's more of a serious culinary investigation."

That culinary investigation was on display recently for a charity event benefiting the The Community Cloth, an organization that helps refugee women adjust to their new lives in Houston by using their natural talents and abilities.