Houston homicide detectives join security guard Rene Almeida's family in asking for the public's help.  Almeida was shot to death on the job at the Leawood Apartments April 18th. 

Police say they think they know who did it, but they need more info for an air-tight case.  Irene Alonzo is the victim's daughter.

“Somebody seen something,” says Almeida’s daughter, Irene Alonzo.  “There's a lot of traffic going in and out.  There's a lot of people walking by.  We just want you all to put yourselves in our shoes.  If it was your dad, your grandfather, your uncle, your brother, your husband, you would want somebody to come forward.”

Almeida had been on that job for just over a week, but he'd been a security guard for more than 20 years.  Police say their suspect had been banned from the property.  They just need some additional details to wrap up their case.

“My partner and I, we believe we know who the suspect is,” says HPD Detective V. McLean.  “We believe based on the logs and the information that we got on his motorcycle, that we have a good identity.  We are going to bring the suspect in.”