According to a new survey – by a British Company – we’re not too smart.

55% of Americans say they are smarter than the average American.  YouGov is an online poling company, and asked people where they felt they belonged on the spectrum of intelligence.

Only 4% said they we on the low end of the intelligence meter.

Men were much more likely than women to say they were much more intelligent than the average American.

So where do these perceptions come from?

Media critic Jeff McCall, a professor at DePauw University, thinks it’s from TV.

“As we watch television, particularly if you watch dramas, or sitcoms or a lot of things, we would probably think that we are probably smarter than a lot of the people we see,” McCall says.

And include reality shows.

Honey Boo Boo and her clan, the Swamp People, maybe even Duck Dynasty (at least for those who have never watched the show), and all those shows about distraught Housewives, has created an image of the average American that does not put us in the most flattering light.

“I think most people, just out of their own self-respect, have to give themselves credit for what they do know,” McCall tells KTRH News. “One of the tings maybe of people who are not high on the I.Q. level is that a lot of times they don’t know what they don’t know.”