Houston drivers are seeing a welcome sight at the gas pump.

The Houston average for a gallon of regular gas is down to $3.42, which is 4¢ lower than last week.  The drop in gas prices is a sight for the sore eyes of people who were driving for the Independence Day holiday, when prices hit their highest levels since 2008.

Greg Laskoski with GasBuddy.com says one of the biggest reasons for the drop is right here in Texas, "Domestic production is simply booming right now, we are at the highest level we've seen since 1986."

The trouble in Iraq helped drive those prices up over the holiday weekend but now both crude oil prices and wholesale gas prices are dropping, "And when those two things happen it is almost inenvitable that the retail price at the pump is going to come down too." says Laskoski.

The lower prices could also be a trend, as Laskoski says he expects the decrease in prices to continue over the next three weeks.