A vote is expected Thursday on a trimmed down border security bill from House Republicans.

Instead of the $3.7 billion requested by President Barack Obama, GOP lawmakers are offering just $659 million through the end of this fiscal year. 

"The president has a lot of pork barrel spending, including stuff for wildfires in California," says Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold.  "We're trying to laser focus on the border problems that are directly affecting Texas."

"The White House wants to focus primarily on what to do with all the children coming here, how to process them and let them stay in America, we're focusing on stopping the flow," he says.

"Our plan funds border security and prioritizes reuniting children with their families," Farenthold tells KTRH News.

Senate Democrats meanwhile, have proposed a border patrol bill worth $2.7 billion.

The White House is now considering amnesty if Congress breaks for summer without taking action.

On Wednesday, members of the House Judiciary Committee continued to hammer immigration officials.

"Expanding that concept of deferred action, do you think more people will come or less?" Congressman Ted Poe asked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez.

"Not if they don't believe there is a benefit," Rodriguez responded.

Fellow Texan Louie Gohmert also took shots at Rodriguez's comments regarding the prosecution of traffickers versus allowing children to stay.

"When someone pays a human trafficker to move them, then I would submit to you they're not a victim, they are a participant in the human trafficking business," said Gohmert.