The capital murder trial of a Bellaire police officer and a bystander began Monday.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and defense attorney Tyrone Moncriffe gave their opening statements Monday in 23-year-old Harlem Lewis' capital murder trial.

In court proceedings Anderson told the chilling tale of how during a traffic stop on Christmas Eve 2013, Harlem Lewis lead police officer Jimmie Norman on a chase that ended in the parking lot of a business owned by Terry Taylor.  And how Corporal Norman wrestled to get Lewis out of the car when he was shot.  Followed by the shooting of Terry Taylor.

The defense claims Lewis was acting out of fear.  Saying Lewis had been pulled over for no reason multiple times in the past.  Which made Lewis feel he was being harrassed by the police.  Moncriffe went so far as to say that Lewis does not deserve the capital murder charges.

The trial continues Tuesday where it is expected that surveillance video of the shooting will be shown to the jury.