NORAD has tracked Santa's travels for generations, but a group of child advocates doesn't like it when fighter jets are added to the picture. 

Josh Golin is associate director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.  He says the visuals on the North American Defense Command website glorify militarism and violence and they aren't appropriate for young children.

“It teaches them to worry that Santa might be under attack,” says Golin.  “It glorifies militarism and violence, attaches them to a storied tradition for children.”

NORAD says - tongue in cheek - that its intelligence confirms that Jack Frost and the abominable snowman won't be a threat to Santa’s travels Christmas night.

Golin says he’s not overreacting.

“I understand that they've been doing this tracking thing for a while and children and families enjoy it,” he says, “but I think injecting the jets into it, implying there are people out to get Santa, I think that's really crossing the line.”