Energy keeps Houston running on all cylinders, but right next to the oil and gas sector of the local economy is the health care industry.

90,000 babies are born in Houston every day.  60,000 people set up new homes in Houston annually, and 18,000 people turn 65, according to the Greater Houston Partnership.  They are predicting 7,900 new health care jobs will be created this year, and there is a large choice of settings in deciding what kind of work you might like to do.

“Those settings include hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, they can serve in junior colleges as teachers,” says Stacey Cropley, the Director of Practice at the Texas Nurses Association.

Nationally, 61% of all 12.1 million healthcare worker’s positions are held by people who do not have four years of college. 

“Depending on the nurse and where they want to parlay their nursing skills they can really engage in a number of different employee opportunities,” Cropley tells KTRH News.

And there are so many diverse careers that fall under the healthcare profile.  Dentists, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, physical therapist, dental hygienist, physician assistant, occupational therapist to name a few.