Saturday's weather begins quiet, warm and muggy with a few isolated sprinkles or light rain showers.  As the day progresses though, expect showers to become heavier and more numerous.  From mid afternoon through this evening thunderstorms will be likely, especially north of Houston.  High temperatures will be near 74 degrees with rain chances ramping from 10 percent early in the day to 50% by 4pm.

Severe weather including thunderstorms and gusty winds will likely be north of town. College Station, Huntsville, and Livingston face the highest risk for strong storms that may produce wind gusts over 50 miles per hour and small to medium sized hail. 

Thunderstorms will develop in response to an upper-atmospheric low pressure area that will cross Texas, from west to east, today and tonight.  The core of energy and the greatest instability from this system will be well north of metropolitan Houston, which is why the main threat for severe weather is north of the city.