Fresh off a weekend trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert calls the situation "a disaster."

Border agents, lawmakers and reporters alike have described an endless wave of illegal aliens -- many of them children who sometimes wash up along the banks of the Rio Grande, others who succumb to the elements. 

Congressman Gohmert described an encounter with one of the children when speaking to Fox News' Sean Hannity Monday night.

"He was asking are you going to stay here until everybody comes. I said no.  He said it would be a long time because there are thousands of us waiting to come," said Gohmert.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the Obama administration still wants the $3.7 billion it asked for from Congress, and is now considering using executive power to make it happen.

"House Republicans have signaled they are going to block that Senate legislation, that common sense bi-partisan agreement, and the president has said what can we do using only my executive authority to address some of these challenges," Earnest told reporters.

However, the head of border patrol in McAllen told Fox News that throwing more money at the situation is not the solution.

“I don't think the American taxpayer can quite grasp what is going on down here and how much of their tax dollars are being wasted,” he said.

Gohmert says the only solution is removing the children from the country.

“Until we do that, they're going to keep flooding in here,” he says.  “As soon as we send them back and they realize how we spent $5,000 and got nothing in return, that flood stops.”