If you spent any time with your kids this weekend, especially if they are teenagers, you probably noticed they spend most of their time glued to their phones. They are texting their friends. They are posting on social media sites. You’re probably looking for a way for them to put the phone down, even if it’s just for five minutes.

Well, you might have a way to get that done now.

The best way to get them to ‘unplug’ might just be to warn them that what they post impacts their futures. Paul Bazell of Adviant tells KTRH Facebook and Twitter accounts are becoming more important than resumes.

“The resume doesn’t give much of a story. We go to newer resources. Social media gets closer to the truth than a resume or even a face-to-face interview,” Bazell said. “Employers, myself included, are looking for any opportunity we can to get to know a perspective candidate better.”

And If Bazell doesn't like what he sees on a social media account, he won't hire that candidate.

Dr. Wendy Rice says you can't stop your kid from using their phones, but you can give them some ground rules.

“It’s important for them to learn there should be limits,” Rice said. “When they grow up they are going to need to turn their phones off to go to sleep.”

Rice says doesn’t look at your kids being attached to their phones as such a bad thing.

“It’s a way for them to hang out with their friends all the time. We couldn’t do that years ago because we didn’t have the tools,” Rice said.

But Rice reiterated that it is important for you to set limits so that your kids aren’t on those phones all day and all night.