A top military official says the U.S. is no safer than before 9/11.  Lt. General Michael Flynn, the outgoing head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says we have a "whole new gang of actors out there far more extreme than Al Qaeda."

"With regards to the enemies we are facing, I think they are more radical, and I think they're emboldened by the fact that we are downsizing our military," says Danny Coulson, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director.

"I think Benghazi emboldened a lot of people that they can attack U.S. interests," he tells KTRH News.

However, Coulson says new measures put in place to keep us safe helps balance out the threat.

"Because of the Patriot Act and some of the National Security Agency things I know are very controversial, but those things are extremely helpful," he says.

Coulson says the decision to pull troops out of Iraq has allowed Islamic extremists to flourish.

"When you see the most powerful nation in the world and the biggest antithesis to terrorism pulling back in and saying whatever happens happens, I think that emboldens these guys and I think the general is right about that," he says.