A Texas heritage is still alive in law enforcement in Fort Bend County.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department has added mounted units to their arsenal.  The horses will be used in a variety of capacities, like search and rescue and crowd control.

Bob Haenel with the Fort Bend Sheriff's Department says they already have a waiting list of officers that want to become mounted deputies, "We had over ten folks that wanted to be trained to do this right away and we've got more waiting.  I think there is still that old Texas connection with a mounted patrol."

The deputies and the horses had to go through a training course.  The purpose was mainly to teach the deputies which way best to use the animals.  The course was also crucial in conditioning the horses to crowds, loud noises, and flashing lights.

Haenel says one of the first major events the new mounted patrols will be used for is the Fort Bend County Fair which runs from September, 27 to October, 6.