The Federal Communications Commission is being asked to keep the Internet a level playing field by preventing service providers from charging more fees for more speed. 

Internet attorney Travis Crabtree says it is possible the feds could decide to do nothing at first.

“There may be an incentive to see how this works,” Crabtree says.  “Is it as catastrophic as the naysayers say?  If not, let's see how it works and if it's not that bad, let's let it go.”

The public comment period ends tomorrow.  To this point, Internet service providers have been the ones to determine how much different plans will cost.

Crabtree says the FCC may just not want to mess with a good thing.

“Even when the (reason) is to make things equal,” he says, “there is always a suspicion that something is going to go amiss and, it's worked so far, so why should we touch it.”