A Spring Branch ISD teacher is accused of forcing a first-grader to sit on the floor for five weeks because she drew on her desk.

The 7-year-old girl's parents withdrew her from Westwood Elementary and have since filed a complaint with the district. 

The family's attorney Susan Soto spoke with Matt Patrick on 950 KPRC Wednesday.

"This little girl was humiliated and made to feel she did something so outrageous she deserved that incredible punishment," Soto said.

"Maybe if she had lost her desk for the rest of that school day, maybe if her desk and chair had been moved to the corner of the room, there could have been a million and one appropriate consequences," she added.

Several KPRC callers also weighed in.

"I think if the parents explained you made a mistake and the teacher made a mistake, and then move on.  The kid will be fine," said one man.

"It's disgusting, because as a parent I would walk in there and ring that teacher's neck," said another man.  "Okay, your desk is moving out and you're sitting on the floor."

Soto says the family just wants to encourage other parents to know this happened and to stay in tune with their child's education.