Creators of have compiled the instructions for canceling your account on dozens of popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and others.

Mary Dickerson is head of IT Security at University of Houston, she says the site is a good start at protecting yourself from identity thieves who troll old accounts to access current ones.

“While you may have long forgotten about that Facebook account you created five years ago, by using that same password or very similar password at another site, hopefully not your banking site, I can get information into other accounts you might have,” Dickerson tells KTRH News.

Dickerson says its always better to delete that old Yahoo, Tumblr or even Starbucks account instead of allowing it to linger inactive.

“By signing up for these different accounts, you've opened yourself up for even more junk mail than you're already getting.”

“Depending on the security at these other sites, someone may be compromising information there to get into the accounts that you are actually using,” she says.

Dickerson encourages everyone to cancel all accounts they haven't used recently.