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Submission Form and Guidelines for community event and public service announcements

We're always pleased to help nonprofit organizations publicize their programs and upcoming events. (Sales promotions by commercial enterprises do not qualify as nonprofit activities unless 100 percent of the promotion's revenue is donated to charity.)

Please note the differences between the two categories ... COMMUNITY EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS and PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS ... below:


  • Announcements of nonprofit community events are typically NOT broadcast over the air. They are, instead, posted on the website.
  • Material must be written and submitted USING THE FORM BELOW by a member of the organization.
  • Web announcements cannot promote regularly recurring meetings, religious services, appeals for funds that would benefit a single individual or family, or cause-oriented protests/demonstrations/rallies/marches. Sales promotions by commercial enterprises do not qualify unless 100 percent of the promotion's revenue is donated to charity.
  • Announcements should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired first publication date.
  • Please be certain your announcement answers the five W's:
         WHO is the organization sponsoring the event?
         WHAT is the event and what is happening that would interest the general public?
         WHEN will the event happen? (Include dates and times)
         WHERE will the event happen? (Include the street address and directions if the site is difficult to find.)
         WHY is the event important to the community … why are you raising funds or promoting awareness/the cause/the issue?

  • A public service announcement is aired on the radio, not posted online, and it promotes continuous and ongoing programs, activities or services of federal, state, or local governments or those of nonprofit organizations. They typically spotlight broad issues and/or causes — like education, drug prevention, crime, volunteerism, health, youth/family/parenting, poverty, economic development, the environment, etc. They do NOT promote specific events. Events are posted on our website's "community calendar" page (described above).
  • Material must be written in broadcast format and submitted by a member of the organization. Don’t forget to include the name of a contact person, phone number, email address or website for more information.
  • Announcements should be 30 or 60 seconds in length, preferably recorded in MP3 or CD format. If you do not have a recorded spot, we can produce it for you. However, depending on production workloads, your PSA may be delayed in airing or not air at all.
  • Recorded public service announcements or scripts must be sent to:
    Laurent Fouilloud-Buyat
    2000 West Loop South, Suite 300
    Houston, TX 77027

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